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Over the Rainbow Learning Centers Join Strolling Thunder 2021 and Celebrate Childcare Awareness Day!

Over the Rainbow joins Strolling Thunder-RI for another year of success!!! We also celebrated Childcare Awareness Day which brought legislators, early childhood educators, providers, policymakers, and members of the public together to discuss the many challenges faced by early education and to advocate for resources needed to meet the needs of the children, families, and the early childhood education providers.

We are thankful to have been chosen to be a voice for early childhood educators, children and their families in the State of Rhode Island. Early Childhood Education is crucial in the early development stages of children and as so, it must be given the priority it deserves. For years, early childhood educators have been overlooked and under compensated and it is about time that changes. Highly qualified staff provides high quality education and thus deserves to be appreciated and properly rewarded. To provide proper compensation to our educators will not only benefit them, but it will greatly benefit the children, their community, and the economy. Educated minds = Better future for all!

To watch the Child Care Makes the World Go Round Capitol TV special for Strolling Thunder and Child Care Awareness Day video please visit the following link:

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